Tuesday, 4 October 2011


How many shoes do kids need? 1 School pair, 1 with velcro so they can get them on and off, 1 pair of non-school shoes, 2 pairs of wellies... yes 1 for home and 1 pair to leave in school. Next year plimsolls will also be requred.

I used to think that uniforms in school were supposed to ensure equality and a standard now I think they're being used as a money making scheme. Looking into ballet for our DD the uniform costs a minimum of £55 (4 pieces)! And that's for the under 4's - for the full whack (including headband) it's £70 ... of course it's specialist you can't just go out and buy it in Tesco or Asda. What a rip off these uniforms are. When I was a kid you went to your clubs in your own clothes (jeans, leggings, 1 school leotard, 1 set of swim stuff for all swim/water activities etc) now you must have this for that activity and that for the other... do they never consider that you might not be able to afford it all? And then what? Just stay at home watching TV?

Thursday, 29 September 2011


I can see I can see! It might be a right mess but I can see out the windows!

What a palaver, a week worth of upheaval and mess but at least it's done. Now to get the rest of the house in shape.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Portals to my garden

Yeah finally done it. Managed to save enough to get new windoors (windows and doors) which I shall be able to see out of... I'm determined on that point, I really don't like looking through murk just because the sealant's (or whatever) has gone gone gone...

It shall happen this week (it shall it shall). Today we moved lots of junk away from the vicinity. Yes lots of junk, lots more than the folks back 'ome had to move when they had their windows done and we have the tiny house. I am going to throw some of it out (whether it be mine or not) ... my rule is if it's sat and done naught in the last 4 years then it shall unburden my rooms and disappear into the wide world. I shall put a foot down and say "no more".

.....if I say it enough it might just happen.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Glug glug glug

I finally got round to taking the darlings swimming (been demanded from the eldest for a long time). So we all toddled off as a family to the local pool. The little pool wasn't open so we went in the "splash" pool.

Cold, very but we got used to it. Eldest did very well considering that when we got it I was half strangled. C gained more confidence when sat on the top step. So it was a case of try this and then you can go back. By the end C was "swimming" (not quite doggy paddle) with us gently holding on. Then there were the tears when we got out. Little R was quiet but enjoying floating and even trying to kick too! We were very impressed with the pair of them. Unfortunately not so impressed with the pool. We had constant crying from Little R until fully clad, including own cardi and C's cardi plus a share in fruity flakes! Cold was not the word North pole was more like it. No way will I go there with the two of them just because they were both chilled to the bone when we left the pool!

The other one nearest us is filthy - they allow people to walk through the changing rooms to pool side to get their kids and dirt is spread around. Yuck. So that's it for pools. I'm going to have to find one with a small pool that's open, warm changing rooms, easy to get to and cheap.... not too much to ask for, is it?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sunny days

What can I say ... a change is as good as a holiday? Perhaps I've had too much sun already :s


I was taught in school that 100% was the whole thing, that there was no more because 100% was everything. So why do we now have 110%? or even worse 200%!

I cannot give more than 100%

Someone better explain basic maths to these politicians, economists, sports people etc so when they talk percentages on TV they can at least get it right.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Family Story

As my own has expanded I'm also looking back along the branches and up the trunk. It's quite fascinating working out where people went - from Devon and Somerset to Kent to London and then some moved back through Hampshire back to Devon whilst others came from Suffolk to London and the odd bod disappeared up to Lancashire... people didn't 'arf get 'round.

There's the "How many children!" factor my side has reached 14 whereas the other half has one with 19 kids (ouch!). And my favourite right now is the branches where I've found several Rev.s', some Admiralty clerks and I'm getting quite a collection of Baron's...

heh if I go far back enough I wonder if I can get royalty linked in there somewhere.